Specials (In-game Boosters created with matches) are commonly created by matching four or more pieces within any Match-3 Level.

1. Directional Rockets eliminate a whole row or column (depending in which direction it was used). Combine four pieces of the same ingredient to create a Directional Rocket.
Tip: Swap it horizontally to remove the row. Swap the Directional Rocket vertically to remove the column. You can also activate the Directional Rocket by double-tapping. You will remove the row that way!

2. Bombs blast everything within a radius. You can get them by matching, in an L or T shape, five pieces of the same color.
Tip: Swap it to remove the pieces around it. Double-tap on the Bomb to activate it!

3. Butterfly-rockets target priority tiles while destroying during take off all adjacent tiles. Combine four pieces in a square to create a Butterfly-rocket.
Tip: Double-tap on the Butterfly-rocket to activate it! You can also create the Butterfly-rocket by combining 5 pieces together forming a square!

4. Color Bombs removes all pieces of the same ingredient on the board you match it with. You can get them by matching five pieces of the same color, in a single line.
Tip: Now combine the two boosters to create a more powerful effect!

General Booster tip: You can move boosters if you shift them without touching them!